EPMR (El Paso Model Railroad) Library

Any model train library should include a variety of resources to help model train enthusiasts learn more about the hobby and improve their skills. Here are some examples of the types of things included in the EPMR library shown above.

  1. Books: There are many books available that cover a wide range of topics related to model trains, such as layout design, scenery building, wiring, weathering techniques, and model railroad history. Look for books that are specific to your scale or type of modeling (e.g. steam era modeling or modern era modeling).
  2. Magazines: Model train magazines provide regular updates on new products, layout designs, and industry news. They can also offer tutorials and tips for improving your modeling skills. Some popular magazines include Model Railroader, Railroad Model Craftsman, and Model Railroad Hobbyist.
  3. DVDs and videos: Many model train experts and companies have created instructional videos that can be helpful for beginners or advanced modelers. Topics covered can include layout design, scenery building, weathering techniques, and more.
  4. Online resources: There are many websites, forums, and blogs dedicated to model trains that can be helpful for learning more about the hobby. Some popular resources include the Model Railroader website, the Trainboard forum, and the Model Railroad Hobbyist blog.
  5. Catalogs and product guides: Manufacturers of model trains and accessories release product catalogs and guides that can be helpful for planning your layout and choosing the right equipment for your needs.

    Overall, in our model train library we hope to include a variety of resources that cover different aspects of the hobby, from design and construction to operation and maintenance. By building a comprehensive library, we can continue to learn and improve our skills as model train enthusiasts.

    We are in the process of building a database that will provide users with an index of our contents and we are currently seeking additional volunteers to help catalog our library. Below is a description of how volunteers could help.
    Contact us by email if interested: epmr1011@gmail.com
    1. Inventory: Create and update lists of items in the library’s collection.
    2. Cataloging: Use Microsoft Office Software to review, edit, and create library database records. Skills/Experience: cataloging – data entry – databases – scanning
    3. Collections/Donations: Organize and label collection materials, weed duplicates, and date materials.
    4. Process donated items: Books, magazines, trains, etc. Skills/Experience: general knowledge of model train paperwork, filing/organizational – attention to detail.
    5. Create and update magazine indexes. Skills/Experience: data entry – office software (Word/Excel)
    6. Marketing: Highlight items from the library’s collection for Facebook posts, website, email blasts, newsletters, displays, etc. Skills/Experience: marketing – research – writing – office software (Word) 

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